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The Wirral 100 Motor Club has its own Facebook pages with up to date information relating to the club and its racing.


Through the season and beyond we use twitter to communicate with our riders and fans on our activities.

News and Information


It is with great regret that the Club announces the postponement of its Annual Dinner & Awards Presentation evening that was scheduled for Saturday 5th February at the Village St David’s Hotel.

This function was planned back in September 2021 when hospitality was back to normal in Wales, but this was before the Omicron variant had surfaced. Then the Omicron variant emerged with a huge spike in Covid infections and hospital admissions, which resulted in Wales re-entering Alert Level 2 on 26th December, with attendances at indoor events thereafter restricted to just 30 people. Following the First Minister’s Statement last week (14th January), this state-of-affairs will continue to at least 28th January with no certainty of a return to Alert Level 0 after that date, and no certainty that our function would be either legal or reasonably risk-free.

The Club is now in a position where Covid illness amongst our members and their family and friends, the Covid restrictions themselves, and the fear of contracting Covid either before or at the event, have seriously impacted on the number of persons wishing to attend; less than 50% of the numbers expected to attend have applied to attend, and to further put matters into context, this includes only three of the ten 2021 Club Champions.

All of these factors have contributed to the decision to postpone. Consultations with riders and others on alternative arrangements for the presentation of the awards will take place in the coming months, after the start of the 2022 racing season.

In the meantime the Club plans to promptly refund all ticket monies received. Those who have paid by Bank Transfer should provide their bank sort codes and account numbers to our social secretary Cheryl Reid (email cherylelainereid@yahoo.co.uk or phone 07771 606049). We have not banked any of the cheques received and these will be securely destroyed on 5th February; however, if anyone wants their cheque returning, please contact Cheryl immediately and this will be arranged.

Those who have booked and / or paid in advance for rooms at the hotel using the code VHEVE should contact the hotel direct.


The ACU rules require that new riders to road racing and anyone wishing to re-start racing after an absence of five years or more must attend a classroom-based course (CTC).

Unless he or she is able to prove having held a Clubman’s or National licence previously, they must also be assessed on-track for their basic riding competence (BRA), before being granted a road race licence. To facilitate this, the club intends to run a combined course for solo riders alongside its race day at Anglesey on Saturday 19th March (date changed from 26th March). The fee for the combined course will be just £140, or £60 for the CTC & £80 for the BRA.

Anyone wishing to obtain more details should contact the Club’s New Riders’ Liaison Officer Paul Brandon (tel 01244 950922 or email paulbrandon31@yahoo.co.uk). It is expected that a Booking Form for the Course will be available in the Downloads section of the Club website in early January.


The ACU’s On-line Licence system for 2022 renewals and new applications is now available by following the link https://members.acu.org.uk; the system allows riders to renew or apply for their licences online. The Club has been issued with a unique series of Personal Identification Numbers (‘PIN’), such that when riders renew their club memberships we are able to provide them with their own PIN, and this number will be required to be entered on the online system as part of the licence application process. If members prefer to complete their licence application forms in the traditional hand-written way, they will still be able to do so, although the PIN number will have to be inserted on the paper application form. As per ACU guidelines, the Club is asked to retain a copy of the unique numbers issued with the rider’s name next to it, in case there is a future problem.

Club membership forms can be downloaded from the club website, and we would urge all riders to re-join as soon as possible, so that licences can be applied for and received in good time for the start of the 2022 season.


Sat 19th / Sun 20th March – Anglesey Coastal Circuit

Sat 23rd April – Oulton Park

Sat / Sun 25th /26th June – Anglesey Coastal Circuit

Sat / Sun 30th / 31st July – Anglesey Coastal Circuit

Sat/Sun 8th/9th October – ‘Anglesey Grand’ – International Circuit

Date change – please note that the date of the first race meeting of the season has been changed from that provisionally announced to avoid a date clash with another meeting.

Regulations & Entry Forms – we anticipate that these will be available to be downloaded from the Club’s website by mid-February. We are also working on an on-line entry system and it is hoped that this alternative will be available for the first race meeting.


The W100 classes planned for 2022 are as follows:

1. Powerbikes – machines over 700cc, produced 2012 – present. No tyre restrictions.

2. Pre-Electronics Powerbikes – machines over 700cc, produced in the period 1998 – 2012, with no electronic aids, such as engine maps, traction control, launch control or anti-lock brakes. No tyre restrictions.

3. Formula 600, – Production-based machines 600cc 4-stroke 4-cylinder and 675cc 4-stroke 3-cylinder, produced since 2010, also including latest 636cc 4-cylinder, 765cc 3-cylinder and Ducati 1000cc 2-cylinder, carburettors or fuel injection. No tyre restrictions.

- With sub-class for early injected machines, produced 2000 - 2010

4. 700cc Twins. Treaded tyres.

5. 100 – 500cc Allcomers, with no tyre restrictions.

- With sub-class for Formula 400, production-based machines. Treaded tyres

6. Pre-Injection 501-1300cc, machines over 500cc with a carburettor; no other restrictions

7. Golden Era Supersport – pre-2001 Supersport machines (600cc 4-cylinder & 750cc 2-cylinder), including later versions if the models remained basically unchanged.

8. Forgotten Era up to 500cc, including Classic Bikes. Pre-1992 machines (pre-1996 for 125cc GP machines).

9. Open Sidecars

10. Senior Open – ie second classes for Powerbikes & national / clubman Formula 600’s. (Anglesey events only)

11. Junior Open – ie second classes for 700cc Twins, 100–500cc Allcomers, Forgotten Era, & novice-licence Formula 600’s (Anglesey events only)

The main changes above are:

(a) the cut-off year for Pre-electronics Powerbikes is moved from 2008 to 2012

(b) to allow the new range of ‘middle-weight’ machines to be allowed into the Formula 600 class in line with other clubs, but for slick tyres to be allowed as well. In addition we plan to have a sub-class for early injected machines produced before 2011

(c) the capacity limit for Twins to be increased from 650cc to 700cc, again in line with other clubs to facilitate the new range of production Twins.

Currently these changes are not cast in stone, so if anyone has any further suggested changes, please contact Martin Crook, the Club’s Chief Technical Officer (details below).

 At Anglesey all solo riders will, as in previous years, be able to identify at least two classes to compete in, if they so wish. Again as previously, the Senior and Junior Open races will have one race per day.


ACU British F2 Sidecar Championships – For the 15th year we are again delighted to be hosting a round of the ACU British Formula 2 Sidecar championships at Anglesey, again in June.

FSRA Pre-Injection Sidecar Championships - for several years we have also been organising rounds of the popular FSRA Pre-injection Sidecar championships, which will run alongside the W100 Open Sidecar races and in 2022 we will be pleased to see them three times - at Oulton Park in April and at Anglesey in June and October.

GP Originals – For the third year, we will be hosting a round, the first of the season, of the GP Originals series at Oulton Park. This series is a big boost for post-classic enthusiasts and is for 2-stroke GP machines manufactured in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. Full details of the series, eligibility and the technical regulations are available at www.gporiginals.co.uk.

Lansdowne Trophy – after our plans last year were thwarted by the Covid lockdown in Wales, we are delighted for the first time to run a round of this prestigious nationwide series for thoroughbred single-cylinder racing machines of the late 1950’s & early 1960’s (Manx Nortons, G50 Matchlesses and the like). They will be with us in June. Full details of the series, eligibility and the technical regulations are available at www.lansdowneclassic.co.uk.

ACU 50cc Championship (provisional) – For the second time we hope to welcome competitors in the ACU 50cc Championship, as last year, at Anglesey in July. The 50’s will be joined on the grid by competitors on production-based four-strokes competing for the national Streetstock 125 Trophy.

David Swallow Memorial Race – This race for single-cylinder classic bikes will again be run at the Oulton Park meeting in April. With the continuing support and encouragement of Bill Swallow and with no obvious classic bike date clashes this year, there is every prospect of a full grid.


We are delighted to confirm that the following sponsors have all indicated their support for 2022:

AS RACING has been a part of our paddock scene for some years now providing a paddock tyre supply & fitting and suspension advice service; it will again sponsor the awards for the Formula 600 class. Proprietor Craig Thompson and his team are already well known within the W100 racing fraternity and the Club asks everyone to give them their support. They promise to have a range of tyres available at each meeting, but point out that ‘Pre-Order’ is the only real way not to be disappointed. Craig can be contacted via facebook, or via email at Asracing105@yahoo.com, or by phone at 07947 352236

CARL ROBERTS & EMJESS RACING will again be the trophy sponsors of the Powerbikes class. Carl, a former regular racer, former committee member and trials observer with W100, and now a part-time racer, general advisor and rider sponsor continues to give us this most welcome support.

CREATION CAMPERS, otherwise Simon & Gemma Robins, have already prepaid for the first two meetings for 2022, sponsoring the Golden Era Supersport championship, which Simon won in 2019. We welcome them back.

STEVE DALE MOTORCYCLES of Steeton, West Yorkshire come on board, via James Labdon, to support the Forgotten Era class. Again, many thanks from the older, smaller, lighter end of the paddock.

CHRIS FORSTER, a former sidecar racer and still a great enthusiast for three wheels, steps forward in 2022 to sponsor the W100 Open Sidecars trophies. Welcome Chris and big thanks from the sidecar brigade.

ANGLESEY VANS, owned by friend of the W100 paddock Caskie Owen and based at Trac Mon, continue as sponsors of the Anglesey Senior and Junior Open Races.

Sponsorship opportunities

We will of course be delighted to hear from other organisations or persons interested in supporting any of our championship classes as trophy sponsors – just £60 per event (£300 for the season) and the championship title is yours.


We have introduced a new online system for marshals’ and officials’ availability in 2022, and all are requested please to go to https://forms.gle/cH7Dn32zmGsrEaMA8 and complete the online form.

Racing, of course, cannot take place unless we have sufficient marshals and officials, and we are always keen to recruit newcomers, male or female, experienced or not experienced. You may already attend our race meetings and wish to get more involved. Don’t be shy, step forward - you will be made to feel very welcome. Anyone interested in joining the team or simply in obtaining more initial information, should contact Dave Edwards, the Club’s Chairman and Chief Marshal (contact details below), or any officer or committee member. Thank you.

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – 23rd November 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic prevented an AGM in 2020, so this AGM covered both 2020 when all race meetings were cancelled and 2021 when we went to Oulton Park once and to Anglesey just the twice. Our racing activities overall did slightly better than breakeven with Oulton Park in particular benefitting from riders keen to compete again after the long lockdown. The Club’s funds remain at a satisfactory level. It was good to see that the membership increased very slightly from 475 in 2019 to 478. The meeting approved a contribution to the ACU Benevolent Fund and it was agreed that the annual membership subscription should remain at £20.

Some of the more interesting facts to emerge from the treasurer’s report were that the two days at Oulton Park in April cost £68,000 to run and the two Anglesey weekends cost an average of £40,000 each. Members were reminded that the club receives no share of the gate monies at either Oulton Park or Anglesey, relying almost exclusively on the entry fees to cover its costs.

The general discussions under ‘any other business’ confirmed that the steps taken in 2021 to increase race lengths and to facilitate the payment of entry fees by bank transfer had been successful, and that in 2022 we should now pursue the option of riders being able to enter our meetings on-line.

There were thanks aplenty, especially to our intrepid band of officials, marshals and medics, and especially to Margaret Dewsnap retiring as Race Secretary after 36 years.

As regards the club’s officers and committee (see list below), Dave Barnett was formally elected President and Helen Smith becomes our new Race Secretary, with Margaret Dewsnap now a Vice-President. In line with the advent of Zoom, Anglesey-based Neil Broughton was added to the committee. It was also noted that a volunteer is being sought to take on the role of Assistant Chief Marshal. Anyone interested in this role or in helping out generally and joining the committee should get in touch with any official or committee member.


With an inflation rate close to 5% we are expecting that many of our costs will increase in 2022, but nevertheless the hope is that our entry fees will only be increased by a few percentage points. Our intention as always will be to ensure that the fees remain the same as, or lower than, any other club using Anglesey or Oulton Park. Fingers crossed!


Having regard to the General Data Protection Regulations, the Club has published a Privacy Notice for Riders, Officials, Marshals and Other Members. This Notice appears in the Downloads section of this website.


 via our website www.wirral100.co.uk, and via Facebook and Twitter

CHAIRMAN: Dave Edwards


GENERAL SECRETARY – Pete Thompson, 4 Blackdown Close, Ellesmere Port, CH66 4YE (tel – 0151 348 1139; email: deltaw100@gmail.com)

TREASURER / ROAD RACE CO-ORDINATOR – Dave Francis, Apt 8 Parkgate House, Greenway, Parkgate, Neston, South Wirral, CH64 6XG (tel – 0151 336 4940)

ROAD RACE SECRETARY – Helen Smith, Kerrowmoar, 18 Y Maes, Denbigh, LL16 3JR (tel – 07936 098723; email: hsmith.w100mc@yahoo.com)

ROAD RACE CHIEF MARSHAL – Dave Edwards, 16 Crosthwaite Ave, Eastham, Wirral, CH62 9DG (tel – 0151-327 4399 or 07801 539214; email: david.edwards10@ntlworld.com)

CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER – Martin Crook (tel - 07423 056280; email: crookmec@talktalk.net)

RIDERS’ LIAISON OFFICER – Paul Brandon, 41 Hawarden Way, Mancot, Flintshire, CH5 2EL (tel – 01244 950922; email: paulbrandon31@yahoo.co.uk)

SOCIAL SECRETARY – Cheryl Reid, 41 Hawarden Way, Mancot, Flintshire, CH5 2EL (mobile tel – 07771 606049; email cherylelainereid@yahoo.co.uk)

PRESIDENT: Dave Barnett

VICE PRESIDENTS: John Barnett, Margaret Dewsnap, Joe Edwards, Pete Kelly, John Watkin

COMMITTEE: All above plus Jimmy Aspinall, Neil Broughton, James Labdon, Carol Thompson, Gary Uttley